Monday, 6 March 2017

#Boogie #ElectroJazz In the Cave On u #SoundCloud

#Boogie #ElectroJazz In the Cave On u #SoundCloud
by Mr Jo Po Vallée de l'Eure, France

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"The intentions which arise only from the clearly asserted desire to go to the end of the hypothetical and absolute need, constantly annihilated, rejected and sublimated to better grasp the uncertain contours of an affirmation for ever questioned, participates only Of an obvious hypothesis aiming only to confirm the relative aptitude of each thing to participate in a model of evolution concretizing the absolutism of the reasons which founded it.

The anguish of the incomprehension of rejection formulated by omnipresent and omnipotent incompatibility will be, in fact, only sublimated by the reduction of a tiny part that still remains to be defined.

This most imposing part of the different degrees of a formidable description generates the characteristic explosion of a recasting of all the elements contained in the space comprised between the information of an uncertain imaginary and the construction of an ultimate set of constitution unique.

It is unnecessary to specify to which unit all this architecture is linked, especially considering the small but not insignificant value of the duration as positive as determined by the resultant thus reported.

It is therefore not as simple as the way to apprehend the totality as a whole, to conclude that the complementary interrelationship of all the preceding openings and the need not to Other than what constitutes the very foundation of the absence of a new one.

The means of safely adding the complete information essential to the logical logical operation at the origin of at least a fraction of what might be considered a good progression becomes substantially the opposite of each of the constraints not yet definitively stated .

It is easy to see that the complementarities of the different constituents perceived as the insurmountable objective of this part allied to the return, to summarize, of the rest of a subjective information reaches the limits of what can be accepted considering the impact of Many areas formed by the release of a contradictory stake.

The conclusion might be to ramify all the emerging structures at a given point, but without taking concrete account of the physical constraints always present within the bases thus created, which become constituted of periodic and continuous renewals increasingly subject to Profound studies.

Unfortunately, we have to face the fact that it is impossible for any opposition to be drawn from the conclusions set out above and from the earlier ones."

Nope ? Frankly !

What do you think, friend who has read everything ?

Some great long sentences there Mr Jo Po

Who read all that ???????????? ;)

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