Saturday, 23 September 2017

Study the way forward

Study the way forward
When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.

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Confucius once said, “Learn things often, and practice what you have learned—is that not an enjoyable thing?”

So what is the deeper meaning of the Chinese character for study, 學 (xué)?

The bottom half of 學 is the character for child, 子(zǐ). On top of 子 is the radical 冖(mì), which signifies that a child’s intelligence just beginning to develop. The left and right-hand sides of the character resemble left and right hands. In the middle of the two hands is the symbol 爻 (yáo), from the prehistoric divination text, the Book of Changes (I-Ching). Hence the character 學 depicts a child using his left and right hands to probe into the mysteries of the universe.

In ancient times, people believed that studying can help one understand cosmic phenomena, as well as one’s fate. Hence, they believed that study is in fact wisdom imparted from the heavens. Indeed, in history we can see many great prophets who predicted the fate of today’s society by studying ancient knowledge.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Blackberrys the Fruit of the Fairy World that time of year.

Blackberrys the Fruit of the Fairy World that time of year.

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Blackberries abundantly in Season (U.K.) The berries themselves are feminine in nature and ruled by the element of earth.
They represent an abundant harvest and can be used in spells and magical cooking for prosperity.

Blackberries were considered protective against earthbound spirits and vampires.
If planted near a home, a vampire couldn't enter because he would obsessively count the berries and forget what he was about.

When mature, the berries are eaten and their seeds dispersed by several mammals, such as the red fox and the Eurasian badger, as well as by small birds.

Blackberry fruit are red before they are ripe, leading to an old expression that "blackberries are red when they're green".

Not to be eaten after Samhain because the Púca spits on them and they become inedible (in some parts of Ireland they believe that the Púca urinates on them).
The Púca is an Irish spirit (one of the fairy folk).

An arch of bramble which had rooted at both ends was believed to have special powers and if you wished to invoke evil spirits you could do so by crawling through the arch at Samhain while making your wish.

Could also be used to cure, for example, a child with whooping cough could be cured by passing it under the arch three times before breakfast for nine consecutive days while saying “in bramble, out cough, here I leave the whooping cough.

In Ireland if you found a piece of bramble attached to a cows tail at Beltainne it was considered suspicious as it meant someone was trying to put a spell on the milk.

Medical uses include using the leaves in a cure for diarrhoea in both cattle and people; it could cure dropsy and was considered to have fantastic curative powers for coughs and colds.

It was also used for a variety of skin complaints such as scalds, burns,
boils, shingles and spots.
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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Cool is a state of Mani Saint-Victor for some odd reason reminded me of Tone Loc Mani hence ...

Cool is a state of Mani Saint-Victor for some odd reason reminded me of Tone Loc Mani hence

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I will not bend the knee.

So let your dragon blow flames, mommy.

The universe is beckoning me to live abundant and I'm ready to go, love.

I ain't packing sh!t. Get to hot steppin. Knees to chest. Yo, love!

Pleasure is a hop. Skip. Jump away, love.

Tic. Toc. Pop up. Up. And away. It's time to play, love.

I can hear the haters, if they talkin they ain't acting so f#@$ what the say, love.


Happy September with Alfie Hole and Keum-Bee Lim.

Happy September with Alfie Hole and Keum-Bee Lim.
"Making your Christmas cake in September is perfect, as too fresh a cake crumbles when cut" Mary Berry