Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sunday afternoon Tea Jazz with french fancy cakes.

Sunday afternoon Tea Jazz with french fancy cakes.

Part of hosting a tea party is learning how to set the tea table.

Tea and tea snacks will be laid on a table covered with white linen tablecloth (or lace tablecloths) just before the guests arrive.

The tea table is usually set up in dining room, though the mingling of people may not be confined to the dining room.

Prepare two large trays, one for tea and one for the coffee and set them at both ends of the table.

Even though its a tea party, you should serve coffee for the coffee drinkers. You may also serve hot chocolate.

The cups and saucers are placed at the left of the tray, from the viewpoint of the person pouring the tea. That makes it easy to reach for him or her as tea is usually poured with the right hand unto the cup and saucer held by the left.

What if you don't have all the trays, table cloth and all that jazz ? Host it anyway! :)