Sunday, 30 April 2017

Taka Noda aka Mystica Tribe from Japan.

Taka Noda aka Mystica Tribe from Japan. Island Oasis features 8 dubbed out tracks that reverberate through the forest.

Cover photo
Bonsai Fir Tree is a symbol of resilience, strength and
Mystica Tribe has quickly been developing a very distinctive sound that exists in a weird, freaked out zone between dub and techno.

Noda is especially interested in deep, psychedelic music, and this is reflected in his productions, which are equally suited for late night listening sessions or bent, broken in dancefloors or On #SoundScapeSunday
On U #SoundCloud

Jam On #SoundScapeSunday Acid Rock with Russ Parker On da U #SoundCloud Live and Direct #SSS

Jam On #SoundScapeSunday Acid Rock with Russ Parker On da U #SoundCloud Live and Direct #SSS

In The Ghetto El Barrio #SoundScapeSunday with George Benson #DiscoSoul edit #SSS On U #SoundCloud

In The Ghetto El Barrio #SoundScapeSunday with George Benson #DiscoSoul edit #SSS On U #SoundCloud
"How could you be from the ghetto and be a rat?"

Jam on the Grove Sunday#SSS #SoundScapeSunday Jawz #DeepDisco

Jam on the Grove Sunday#SSS #SoundScapeSunday Jawz #DeepDisco
#JazzFunk On U #SoundCloud

#SoundScapeSunday On U #SoundCloud #SSS

#SoundScapeSunday On U #SoundCloud #SSS

Saturday, 29 April 2017

The Pied Piper Pulp Disco Deviant Maverick Producer, Arranger, DJ, Songwriter, Composer, Drummer, Percussionist,...

The Pied Piper Pulp Disco Deviant Maverick Producer, Arranger, DJ, Songwriter, Composer, Drummer, Percussionist, Audio Engineer, Remixer, Editor, Multi-Instrumentalist
(Jamming circa. 1983)
An English judge had said so after the Jacobites’ great defeat at Culloden in 1746; a piper was a fighter like the rest, and his music was his weapon
On U #SoundCloud

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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Explore the underground cave world.

Explore the underground cave world. “Any one who has common sense will remember that the bewilderments of the eyes are of two kinds, and arise from two causes, either from coming out of the light or from going into the light”
― Plato, The Allegory of the Cave

Track #3 on my new album Nature (free full album at

Nature is 55 min of continuous sound, with 14 tracks.

Composed, performed, arranged, and mixed by Dr. Joyner.On U #SoundCloud

Monday, 24 April 2017

The Salt On Her Cheeks Divine Introspection by Mayawaska

The Salt On Her Cheeks Divine Introspection by Mayawaska
Enjoy the trip on U #SoundCloud
Hubtone – Seeing Things
AMB – Rain
War On Drugs – The Haunting Idle
Yagya – The Salt On Her Cheeks
Trentemoller – Nightwalker
Giyo – Earthbound
Yeter – Dart (1) (Parks Remix)
Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper – Saudade Do Santos-o-Velho
Benji Vaughan – Even Tundra
Andrew Bayer – All This Will Happen Again
Fingers In The Noise – Wind Force
Emancipator – All Through The Night
Giyo – Summer Breeze (Set Sail)
Rhian Sheehan – Scene 3
Leftfield – Melt
Loscil – Ema
Global Communication – 9.39

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Two Birds(Chicken) with One Stone

Two Birds(Chicken) with One Stone
My second dilemma concerns a second set of two chickens, however these chickens are alive and even more troublesome. These two chickens, apparently vagabonds of some kind, wandered onto the grounds of the monastery earlier today.

They were drunk and rowdy, and disturbed many of the other monks during post-breakfast meditation.

I asked them kindly to leave us in peace and find refuge elsewhere, but they refused and became belligerent.
They both swung their wings at me as if to punch me, but fortunately they were quite drunk and immediately fell, unconscious, to the ground.

As they were comatose, I quickly grabbed them by their talons, placed them outside the monastery walls, and locked the gate.

However, they both regained consciousness mere minutes later, and since then, have been trying in vain to fly over the gate.

To make matters worse, they seem even more belligerent, and their drunken vulgarity continues to disturb our meditations.

“So I ask you, wise Master, what is the correct path of action?”

To which Lao Tzen Tzang replied:

“By killing two birds with one stone, you shall kill two birds with one stone.”

“And how shall I do that?” asked the pupil.

You must find the biggest stone in the garden. Also a twelve foot ladder.
Take these to the front gate, and carry the stone to the top of the ladder.
When the chickens are not looking, drop the stone on top of them.

Then cook them for supper.

“But, Master, what if the stone is too heavy to carry up the ladder?”

“Then you must find a slightly smaller stone that is not as heavy.”

“But, master, what if none of the stones are big enough to kill both chickens in one fell swoop?”

“Then find a stone you can fit in your hand.
Aim for one chicken and throw the stone in a sidearm motion, as you might throw a curveball.
The stone should ricochet off of the first chicken and hit the second chicken as well.”

The pupil followed his master’s advice but, alas, once again proved himself grossly incompetent.

He carried a large stone to the top of a ladder placed next to the front gate, but just as he was about to drop it, one of the chickens flew up and pecked him in the eye.

The young monk lost his balance and fell, dropping the rock on his own face.

Though as dumb luck would have it, the chickens saw this and laughed until they choked to death on their own vomit.

The young monk may have lost several teeth, but that didn’t prevent him from cooking and eating a delectable sesame chicken supper.

And for the first and second times in history, two birds were killed with one stone. Also a ladder.


Originally shared by Shen Yun Official Account

Idiom: Shooting Two Hawks with One Arrow 一 箭双雕
In the West, we say "to kill two birds with one stone," but in ancient China, archery was the way to go.
Meet Zhang Sunsheng: a well-trusted strategist and a talented archer from China’s Northern and Southern dynasties (420-589 C.E). Zhang was charged with escorting a princess to the northwest, where she would be married off to the neighboring Turkish clan. While in the Turkish kingdom, the king became so impressed by Zhang’s archery skills that he invited Zhang stay as a special guest of honor. Thus, Zhang spent the next year on holiday, and often accompanied the Turkish king on his hunting expeditions.
One day, the pair spotted two hawks flying overhead, squabbling over a piece of meat. The king handed Zhang two arrows and asked him to take down the intimidating raptors, one after the other. Zhang carefully strung his bow, aimed closely at his first target, and let go. But much to even his surprise, he struck both birds in one stroke, accomplishing his task with only half the effort.
Now that’s what we call efficiency!

Great Chocolate Cake thanks Zara Altair :)

Great Chocolate Cake thanks Zara Altair :)

Saturday, 15 April 2017

MY BABY wore her crown electric, chanted till the flames grew higher

MY BABY wore her crown electric, chanted till the flames grew higher
She wills you to dance…
Until you fall into the voodoo trance

The Band endeavours to create an imaginative landscape, where “My baby” has become an allegory, the protagonist in a phantasmagorical and timeless universe, where she features as the figurehead of protest, voodoo priestess, bearer of broken hearts, both aggressor on the plains and keeper of the peace, enchanting, meditating, preaching, screaming, loving, dreaming....

Quote - “They were just incredible. We were looking forward to the first time being able to play together and the crowd just went nuts!”
Larry Graham
Thanks Claire Prichard for putting in my stream :)))))))

Ps #MyBaby on you #SoundCloud page @

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Thank you Tau Van “Poor food and water for dinner, a bent arm for a pillow – that is where joy resides.

Thank you Tau Van “Poor food and water for dinner, a bent arm for a pillow – that is where joy resides. For me, wealth and renown without honor are nothing but drifting clouds.”

― Confucius, The Analects

Hey Sucker 1984 #Beatdown on U #SoundCloud

Hey Sucker 1984 #Beatdown on U #SoundCloud
Hong Kong Syndikat formed at the beginning of the Eighties from Berlin
Top tune from the 80,s ;)

Saturday, 8 April 2017

PIED PIPER runs the REVOLUTION Pp and his band of disco-funk renegades are given their due as purveyors of slick...

PIED PIPER runs the REVOLUTION Pp and his band of disco-funk renegades are given their due as purveyors of slick disco-edged jazz-funk

Combining oddball grooves, funky drum samples, and hints of acid and maintaining a funk-sprawl ideology

In a system that foretells a fusion of funk, soul, hip hop, disco and best of acid jazz
The album is full of sleazy sax riffs, plunky electronic keyboards, acid-jazz breakdowns, and empty washes of synth.
#Leftfield #House on U #SoundCloud

Coffee Time well Chilled and Dangerous

Coffee Time well Chilled and Dangerous
Up to 50% of the antioxidants in the Mediterranean diet come from coffee One of the richest dietary sources
Wow what a mix
Have more than one if you dare ;)
#CoffeeTime #Coffee 

Originally shared by Lynn Keller

Dublin Iced Coffee
A delicious mix of caffeine, dessert, and danger

2 oz. strong cold-brew coffee
2 oz. stout (such as AleSmith Speedway or Guinness)
1½ oz. Irish whiskey
¾ oz. simple syrup
1/2 ounce heavy cream
Freshly grated cinnamon stick (for serving)

Mix coffee, stout, whiskey, and simple syrup in a highball glass. Add ice to fill. Gently pour in cream so it gradually sinks into coffee; sprinkle with cinnamon.

Monday, 3 April 2017

“A recipe has no soul, you as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.” Thomas Keller

“A recipe has no soul, you as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.” Thomas Keller
Great roundup by Indrani Sen

Originally shared by Indrani Sen

Foodies+ Weekly Round-Up

We had a lot of posts which not only included delicious recipes but also explored travel ,food and culinary cultures around the world.
So lets summarize and cherish the posts by our wonderful members last week:-

Irish Salmon With Cider And Cream Sauce

Paul Binns cooks up a delicious salmon recipe with love for his parents.The recipe is inspired from an Irish cookbook.

Guess the food/kitchen tool ???

Jon Hole sets up a guessing game for our Foodies+ members for finding out the name of the tool from a picture posted.After a brainstorming session in the comments section it was revealed to be an antique Stone cheese press.

What Do You Grow to Eat?

An intriguing post by Azlin Bloor probing the members to share the details of the plants they want to grow in their kitchen garden during the Summer season.She shares her precious knowledge about the wonderful varieties of Peruvian chilies and tomatillos which she grows in her own grden space.

Strawberry Jam (Homemade)

+Sangita Agrawal ,our new member shared a useful versatile recipe to prepare strawberry jam at home from scratch

Lemon Drizzle Cake

@A Tall Order shared the recipe of a pretty fluffy lemon cake wich looks moist and perfect to be served with a lovely cup of tea just by itself or dressed with Lemon curd.

Vegetable Sizzler with Fragrant Rice

Sangita shares a vegetable sizzler recipe with yummy assortment of various vegetables along with the spices in Chinese style.The sound of smoky and sizzling flavors is mouth watering.

Snow-Shoeing In The Susa Valley, Italy

Lisa Watson takes the Foodies+ members for a virtual tour to Susa Valley in Italy snowshoeing.With her creative style of writing she painted a beautiful picture of the enchanting mountains and the semi-abandoned village called Mallefossa Bassa where our heart craves to chat with that red squirrel while trekking through the snow covered valley.

Sea aster--A unique sea vegetable

rick van elswijk shares the know how about an interesting sea vegetable called Sea aster and a recipe to prepare a delicious dish with monkfish.

Street Vendors, Vietnam

The super mom and talented chef Azlin Bloor shares a wonderful capture of a street vendor from Vietnam and writes about the varieties of mouthwatering dishes they sell in their own unique innovative ways.The post gives us an insight into street vending which is an indispensible part of the city life in Vietnam and Vietnamese Food Culture.

White Chocolate & Citrus Truffles

Nothing more pretty and yum than a batch of white chocolate truffles with the refreshing flavor of lemon ,a mouth watering recipe shared by +A Tall Order

Crispy Batter Fried Banana Snack

A popular snacks in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Brunei ,Philippines and even in South India prepared by deep frying plantains in a crispy coating ,crispy outside and soft sweet and refreshing inside is shared by our talented member Shana Shameer

Wild Mushrooms Quinoa
+FrenchTouch shared a unique and healthy recipe with amalgamation of flavors from wild mushroom and nutritional benefits of quinoa.

Sweet tamarind

Inspired by the recent post about the Vietnamese street vendors by Azlin Bloor ,Randy Resnick recollects an old memory and shared a beautiful capture of a lady selling sweet tamarind on the streets of bangkok from his archives.

Kale salad

Sandra Rerecic shares a quick salad recipe with the versatile and healthy Kale .

Chocolate Frenzy On Foodies+

Lisa Watson declares a new chocolate event for the month of April for Foodies+ members.All the members are requested to share decadent delicious creative recipes with chocolate as an ingredient.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

“When helicopters were snatching people from the grounds of the American embassy compound during the panic of the...

“When helicopters were snatching people from the grounds of the American embassy compound during the panic of the final Vietcong push into Saigon

I was sitting in front of the television set shouting

Get the chefs !

Get the chefs !

Calvin Trillin New Yorker’ magazine
Thank Azlin Bloor :)

Originally shared by Azlin Bloor

Street Vendors, Vietnam

You can't miss the huge number of street food vendors on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), selling a variety of local Vietnamese favourites, like:

* Gỏi Cuốn (Fresh Spring Rolls)
* Bánh Xèo (Savoury Pancakes)
* Phở (Pho Soup Noodles)
* Bánh mì (Baguette sandwich)

You'll find a Vietnamese page on my site, full of recipes. Link below.

There is an unofficial 3 tier system to the street vendors in Saigon:

Top tier: vendors with a storefront, which they either own or pay rent on. Quite often, these are tiny little coffeeshop style establishments, with the vendors also living within the space.

2nd tier: vendors who tend to operate at the same spot day in day out. Their equipment consists of some sort of a mini catering trailer or box that is attached to a vehicle. Some even leave their trailers on the spot, all locked up of course, for the night.

3rd tier: these guys are extremely mobile and move from day to day; their method of transportation varies from a motorbike/scooter to a bicycle to their own two feet. The lady in the image has all she needs attached to her bike. Others pack a table, some chairs, cutlery, crockery and their food onto a single bike before going off and settling on a spot for the day.

Then you have travelling hawkers called gánh hàng rong in Vietnamese. They carry a long bamboo pole on the shoulder with a basket or pot on either end, selling a variety of foodstuff. It could be a full meal in the form of rice or noodles with vegetable and meat dishes or fresh fruit and vegetables or even dried foodstuff. You'll find more pictures in my Travelling with 4 Kids Collection.