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1934 Buick Getaway car just pumping the tyres up and loading up with contraband ;)

1934 Buick Getaway car just pumping the tyres up and loading up with contraband ;)
On the road to Longbridge Deverill

Nomad Summer Ale Wild at heart traditional by Nature.

Nomad Summer Ale Wild at heart traditional by Nature.
A golden ale with buckets of American hops providing that classic pale ale - hop forward taste of the summer. 4.1% ABV

Twisted Brewing Co,Westbury @
Very fine ale it was nomad dimitri Azlin Bloor

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

At The Dinner Table On U #SoundCloud

At The Dinner Table On U #SoundCloud
01 Luis Davis “ Espacio”
02 Djinji Brown “Marta’s House”
03 Nomumbah “Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser”
04 Suntz Sound presents 1Luv “Black Daylight”
05 Osunlade “The Da y We Met for Coffee” (Yotam Avni Rremix)
06 Rafael Moraes “Birth” ft Capitol A
07 Osunlade “Camera Shy” Alex & Chris Mix)
08 Miguel Migs “Close Your Eyes” (Yoruba Soul Mix) ft Meshell Ndegeocello
09 Vivian Greene “What Is Love?” (Yoruba Soul Mix)
10 Bilal “Butterfly” (Yoruba Soul Mix)
11 Erykah Badu “Twenty Feet Tall” (Yoruba Soul Mix)
12 Keith Washington “Kissing You” (Yoruba Soul Mix)

compiled and mixed by Osunlade #Yoruba

Were I be sat lunch and a pint called "Nomad" very fine ale from a local brewery.

Were I be sat lunch and a pint called "Nomad" very fine ale from a local brewery.
Keep it #Local were ever you are in the world !

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D.I.Y. Roasted Beet and Pear Summer food recipe.

D.I.Y. Roasted Beet and Pear Summer food recipe.
The beet is the most intense of vegetables
The radish, admittedly, is more feverish, but the fire of the radish is a cold fire, the fire of discontent not of passion
Tomatoes are lusty enough, yet there runs through tomatoes an undercurrent of frivolity
Beets are deadly serious

Slavic peoples get their physical characteristics from potatoes, their smoldering inquietude from radishes, their seriousness from beets

The beet is the melancholy vegetable, the one most willing to suffer
You can't squeeze blood out of a turnip

The beet is the murderer returned to the scene of the crime
The beet is what happens when the cherry finishes with the carrot

The beet is the ancient ancestor of the autumn moon, bearded, buried, all but fossilized; the dark green sails of the grounded moon-boat stitched with veins of primordial plasma; the kite string that once connected the moon to the Earth now a muddy whisker drilling desperately for rubies

The beet was Rasputin's favorite vegetable. You could see it in his eyes
Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume

From the Middle Ages, beetroot was used as a treatment for a variety of conditions, especially illnesses relating to digestion and the blood. Bartolomeo Platina recommended taking beetroot with garlic to nullify the effects of "garlic-breath"

Food shortages in Europe following World War I caused great hardships, including cases of mangelwurzel disease, as relief workers called it. It was symptomatic of eating only beets.

Originally shared by Tom-Anita Morgan

We've got a heat spell going on here in Northern California so we've been eating a lot of cold bean and veggie salads. I've been going to the local farmer's market every week to buy all of our organic meats, veggies and fruits. So, between our wonderful herb garden and the goodies from the farmer's market we've been eating really well and healthy! This salad is made from wonderful fresh ingredients and is so tasty on a hot summer day. Since the beets turn everything red, don't add the Feta until you're serving. Combine the salad with any meat for a cool treat as your side dish...

PREP TIME: 10 minutes
COOK TIME: 50-60 minutes for the beets

1 bunch of fresh red beets, roasted
1/3 C roasted, slivered almonds
1/4 C mint leaves
2 slices red onion, diced
1/8 C Italian parsley, diced
1/2 pear, chopped
1/2 can of 15.5 ounce Great Northern white beans
Fresh ground black pepper
Flavored balsamic to taste (I used strawberry flavor)
Feta cheese, crumbled on top

1. Roast the beets and let them cool completely. Peel them and cut them into chunks. Place in a medium sized bowl.
2. Cut up the onion, pear, Italian parsley. Add all of the remaining ingredients to the beets, except the Feta.
3. Stir to completely mix ingredients together.
4. When serving, sprinkle with Feta cheese.

Bon appetit,
Tom and Anita

#salad   #redbeans   #mint   #side   #lunch   #pear

Angelica my new baby.Perfect pairing / flavour to go with Rhubarb.

Angelica my new baby.Perfect pairing / flavour to go with Rhubarb.
The roots and seeds are sometimes used to flavor gin
Its presence accounts for the distinct flavor of many liqueurs, such as Chartreuse.

In parts of Japan, especially the Izu Islands, the shoots and leaves are eaten as tempura, particularly in the spring.

Angelica was supposedly revealed to the 14th Century physician Mattheus Sylvaticus by the archangel as a medicinal plant, hence the common name of archangel and subsequent specific epithet archangelica given by Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus.

In the 17th Century the herbalist Nicholas Culpeper wrote '...some called this an herb of the Holy Ghost; others more moderate called it Angelica, because of its angelical virtues...

As an ornamental, angelica is a striking herb, providing height and structure. Its stems were the inspiration for the fluted, Doric columns of Ancient Greece.

The root was believed to protect against plague and other infectious diseases as well as easing the symptoms of a range of ailments.

#Angelica #Herb

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The Warheads On big Form

The Warheads On big Form
On u #SoundCloud

Chop logic Argue in a tiresomely pedantic way; quibble.

Chop logic Argue in a tiresomely pedantic way; quibble.
Mid 16th century: from a dialect use of chop meaning 'bandy words'
What do you use for Chopping / Cutting ?
#Chop #chop ;)

Originally shared by Jon “the chef” Hole

My work station Beech hand made chopping board.
Global knife(Twenty + years old) and a Shun cooks knife.
My most worked ones out of a few

"Food hygienists do not recommend the use of wood boards as it is traditionally thought that the porous nature of wood harbours bacteria which can potentially contaminate food."
They instead recommend plastic boards for all food preparation.

However, many refute this claim.( and Me)
It is believed that the fibres in the wood, particularly in end grain, self heal therefore reducing the gouges in the wood for bacteria to enter.

It is also believed that wood has antimicrobial properties and enzymes that make for an inhospitable environment for bacteria to grow.

This belief was supported by research carried out by Cliver and Kaspari (1994) (The antimicrobial properties of wood) published in the Journal of Food Protection and supported by the World Health Organisation.
Plastic and wood boards were inoculated with e.coli (including 0157),salmonella and liseteria.

Wood was found to have 98-99% less bacteria following this than plastic.

Aside from the knife protecting properties and hygiene benefits of wood boards, they really can be a beautiful addition to a domestic kitchen, especially end grain.
If cared for correctly will last a lifetime and probably beyond to pass down the generations.

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Buck Moon, Thunder Moon or Hay Moon

Buck Moon, Thunder Moon or Hay Moon
How i feel in my defence
At this time of year, buck deer begin to grow velvety antlers, while farmers are struggling to put hay in their barns amid the summer season’s frequent thunder showers.

D.O.M. "Deo Optimo Maximo" ("To God, most good, most great")

D.O.M. "Deo Optimo Maximo" ("To God, most good, most great")
Just a few of the Ingredients in Azlin Bloor
Summer Sling shot around the head ;)

D.O.M Bénédictine Is a herbal liqueur beverage developed by Alexandre Le Grand in the 19th century and produced in France.

D.O.M.This abbreviation is commonly used at the beginning of documents of the Benedictine Order as a short dedication of the work.

Burnley Miners' Club in Lancashire, United Kingdom is the world's biggest single consumer of Bénédictine liqueur, after Lancashire regiments acquired a taste for it during the First World War.
Burnley Football Club also sells Bénédictine on match days, making them the only English club to do this.

Cocktails using Bénédictine include the Frisco,
Singapore Sling,
Vieux Carré,
Cornell Special,and Monte Carlo.

To name just a few more ingredients in the Sumer special
Grenadine Syrup
Angostura Bitters
Need i say any more ............... #Summer #Cocktail #Sweet #DigitalFood

Originally shared by Azlin Bloor

Singapore Sling Shots

I have no idea which Collection to put this in! Since it's made using Singapore Sling, I've gone for the South East Asian Collection. Is it a dessert? Or is it an amuse-bouche?

Technically, these guys should be called Singapore Sling Jelly or Jell-O Shots but I think Singapore Sling Shots has a better ring to it, don’t you?

Just like regular jelly shots, alcoholic ones are fairly easy to master, a case of making up your desired cocktail, mixing it with some gelatine, vegetarian alternative or some warmed up ready made jelly.

There is no end to what you can create; all you need to figure out is the gelatine to liquid ratio (always given at the back of the packet) and make up your cocktail accordingly. And dissolving the gelatine is so easily done in the microwave, simplifying the whole process.

Recipe and tutorial:

#linsfood #singaporesling #jellyshots #gelatine

New Yorker in #Scotland Preston Reed

New Yorker in #Scotland Preston Reed
Musician / Composer / Producer at Innovative Acoustic Guitar Player
Do what you love and love what you do
I also enjoy mountain biking, swimming, exploring gardens, art museums, the outdoors, cooking, food and wine, whisky, cigars, movies and listening to jazz

Great original music and cool video
Hat tip miri dunn thanks for putting in my stream :)

Originally shared by Preston Reed

Here's my latest video! Please share if you like it :^)

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All other gifts appertinent to man, as the malice of this age shapes them

All other gifts appertinent to man, as the malice of this age shapes them
are not worth a gooseberry
William Shakespeare

Originally shared by Jon “the chef” Hole

Gooseberries just in season picked in Cornwall at the weekend not many but enough for
Gooseberry and Sage sauce
With their fragrant acidity, gooseberries make a great sauce for meat – try this with roast pork or pork chops.

1/2 lb gooseberries, topped and tailed
2 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp finely chopped sage
drop of water

Bring to a simmer and cook gently, stirring from time to time, for 10-15 minutes
Now just got to find some fresh Sage .

These characterful berries have a long association with
British cooking
Way back in the 1600s, herbalist Nicholas Culpeper talked of them being scalded, baked or eaten raw; there are recipes for them in Hannah Glasse's Art Of Cookery (1747), in Eliza Acton's Modern Cookery (1845) and Mrs Beeton's Book Of Household Management (1861).

Gooseberry wine,
gooseberry sauce,
gooseberry pudding,
gooseberry jam and jelly
These simple dishes are gifts from a time when richness of flavour was appreciated as much as sweetness.

Shining Witness ( Thomas ) with Marty in the background.

Shining Witness ( Thomas ) with Marty in the background.
Up close in with the horses.
Ridden by Eliza
Breed 7/8 Thoroughbred 1/8 Holsteiner
Shining Spirit Sire
Oriental Law Dam
Dam Sire
Law Breaker
#Horses in #Cornwall

Bath Gin of a Different Persuasion

Bath Gin of a Different Persuasion
So how does one create the recipe for a singular and exclusive spirit like Bath Gin?
It was up to the expert mixologists to find the most distinctive ingredients they could, and throw themselves into the task of creating something modern, fresh and moreish.
The result?
A drink that is as exceptional and engaging as Jane Austen herself, using two unique combined ingredients of
Wormwood and Kaffir lime leaves.

To early in the day to pop in.
Sun not past the Yard arms ;)
#Bath #Gin

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Calvados Empty i am afraid. :o)

Calvados Empty i am afraid. :o)

The first known Norman distillation was carried out by "Lord" de Gouberville in 1553, and the guild for cider distillation wThe first known Norman distillation was carried out by "Lord" de Gouberville in 1553, and the guild for cider distillationas created about 50 years later in 1606.

In the 17th century, the traditional cider farms expanded, but taxation and prohibition of cider brandies were enforced elsewhere than Brittany, Maine, and Normandy.
The area called "Calvados" was created after the French Revolution, but eau de vie de cidre was already called calvados in common usage.

In the 19th century, output increased with industrial distillation and the working class fashion for café-calva.

When a phylloxera outbreak in the last quarter of the 19th century devastated the vineyards of France and Europe, calvados experienced a "golden age". During World War I, cider brandy was requisitioned for use in armaments due to its alcohol content.
The appellation contrôlée regulations officially gave calvados a protected name in 1942. After the war, many cider houses and distilleries were reconstructed, mainly in the Pays d'Auge.

Many of the traditional farmhouse structures were replaced by modern agriculture with high output.
The Calvados appellation system was revised in 1984 and 1996. Pommeau got its recognition in 1991; in 1997, an appellation for Domfront with 30% pears was created.

Cider brandy is also made in the UK, and appears in records going back to 1678. Somerset cider brandy gained European protected geographical indication

Zen moment in #Cornwall :)

Zen moment in #Cornwall :)

Rib of Beef with a Spiced Coffee Rub cooking over Apple wood.

Rib of Beef with a Spiced Coffee Rub cooking over Apple wood.
Come back in 2 hours ;)
Off to hunt fresh real Horseradish

Road Trip Arrived, building the cooker ;)

Road Trip Arrived, building the cooker ;)

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Her breath is like honey spiced with cloves

Her breath is like honey spiced with cloves
Her mouth delicious as a ripened mango ;Srzgarakarika

Nightshade cloves, hemlock groves, the cauldron starts to boil
-Elvenking (Witches Gather)

Originally shared by Jon “the chef” Hole

Cloves 丁香, كبش قرنفل, लौंग, Céngké, கிராம்பு
Used plant part
Flower buds. The buds are harvested shortly before the flower would open.
Sensory qual­ity
Strong­ly aro­matic and very inten­sive fra­grance; fiery and burn­ing taste.

The name clove, as well as Spanish clavo, Catalan clau, Por­tuguese cravinho and Tagalog clovas, ulti­mately derives from Latin clavus nail (be­cause of shape resem­blance).

The word made its way into English via Old French clou.
The word clove is related to the verb cleave (which is what you can do with a nail) and therefore also to clove as in a clove of garlic.

Cloves are named nail spice in other languages, too; for example, take Russian gvozdika [гвоздика] which comes from gvozd’ [гвоздь] nail.

Cloves are an ancient spice and, because of their exceptional aromatic strength, have always been held in high esteem by cooks in Europe, Northern Africa the greater part of Asia.

Trade between the clove island Ternate and Imperial China goes back at least to the Han dynasty, some 2500 years ago; a much older archeo­logigal find at an Meso­potamian site in Northern Syria is of doubtful nature.

In China, cloves were not only used for cooking but also for deodorization; anyone having an audience with the Han emperor had to chew cloves to prevent any undesired smell.
Arab traders brought cloves to Europe in in late antiquity; they were very expensive.

The clove is the only spice that is smoked more than eaten.
You are probably familiar with the sweet odor of kretek, the clove cigarettes from Indonesia.
More than half the world's clove production is ground with tobacco to make kretek.

When the Euro­peans, in the Age of Ex­plora­tion, finally found the clove pro­ducing islands, they took enor­mous inter­est in securing a constant spice supply:
The few tourists visiting the small island of Ternate (9 km dia­meter) will be surprised to find crumbling remnants of about 10 fortresses, built by Portuguese, Spanish, British and finally Dutch soldiers in the and early century.
During all of the century, the Dutch kept an effective monopoly in the clove trade, which guaranteed high profits to them.

It is impossible to mention all cuisines where cloves are used; they are much loved by the Chinese, play an important rôle in Sri Lankan cooking, are extensively used in the Moghul cuisine of Northern India (see black cumin), enjoy high popularity in the Middle East and many Arab countries and are a common spice in Northern Africa.

In all these countries, they are preferred for meat dishes; frequently, rice is aromatized with a few cloves.

In Ethiopia, coffee is often roasted together with some cloves in the so-called coffee ceremony.

Cloves have less use in Europe, where their strong flavour is not so much appreciated.
They are much used for special types of sweets or sweet breads, but especially for stewed fruits (together with cinnamon).
Plain rice is often flavoured one or two cloves.
In France, cloves often go into long-simmered meat stews or hearty meat broths.

In England, they are most popular in pickles.

Many spice mixtures contain cloves. They form an essential part in the Chinese five spice powder.

The taste of the famous Wor­cester­shire sauce (also spelled Wor­cester), an Indo-British con­tribu­tion to inter­national cuisine, is markedly domi­nated by clove aroma.

The sauce is com­posed of several spices (besides cloves, garlic, tamarind, paprika or chiles are most fre­quent­ly found), fish extract, soy sauce, treacle, vinegar (or lemon juice) and salt.

Folklore says that sucking on two whole Cloves without chewing or swallowing them helps to curb the desire for alcohol

Her breath is like honey spiced with cloves, Her mouth delicious as a ripened mango Srzgarakarika

#Spices #Cloves

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C u r t i s M a y f i e l d - F r e d d i e ' s D e a d 1972 Redux

C u r t i s M a y f i e l d - F r e d d i e ' s D e a d 1972 Redux
It was the first single from his 1972 soundtrack album for the film
Super Fly
From the
Pied Piper London
Deep House Nu-Jazz Pioneer the Pied Piper London
Maverick Producer, Arranger, DJ, Songwriter, Composer, Drummer, Percussionist, Audio Engineer, Remixer, Editor, Multi-Instrumentalist
(Jamming circa. 1983)

*An English judge had said so after the Jacobites’ great defeat at Culloden in 1746; a piper was a fighter like the rest, and his music was his weapon*

On U #SoundCloud

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Coffee Jelly is a popular jelly dessert in Japan.

Coffee Jelly is a popular jelly dessert in Japan. It is a mix of an agar jelly with sweetened coffee, and was developed in the Taishō period (1912–1926).

It is often cut into cubes and served in a variety of dessert dishes and beverages.
Cubes of coffee jelly are sometimes added to milkshakes, at the bottom of an ice cream float, or to garnish an ice cream sundae.
Coffee jelly is often added to a cup of hot or iced coffee, with cream and gum syrup added. Condensed milk is poured over cubes of chilled coffee jelly in a bowl.

Coffee jelly can be made using instant mix or from scratch. It is served in restaurants and cafés, and is sometimes a part of students' lunches served at public schools in Japan.


Image credit :

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Nandos Lunch Nando's is an international casual dining restaurant chain originating from South Africa, with a...

Nandos Lunch Nando's is an international casual dining restaurant chain originating from South Africa, with a Mozambican/Portuguese theme.
Founded in 1987, Nando's operates about 1,000 outlets in 30 countries.

Nando's specialises in chicken dishes with lemon and herb, mango and lime, medium, hot, extra hot or extra extra hot piri-piri marinades

The restaurant was founded in 1987 in the Johannesburg suburb Rosettenville when Portuguese-born audio engineer Fernando Duarte took his entrepreneur friend Robert Brozin to a Portuguese takeaway called Chickenland for a meal.

After trying the chicken – cooked in piri piri, a chilli sauce originating in Mozambique – they bought the restaurant for about 80,000 Rand (equivalent of about £25,000 at the time).

They renamed the restaurant Nando's, after Fernando. After two years the restaurant had four outlets – three in Johannesburg and one in Portugal.
By 2013, around 1,000 Nando's branches were located in 35 countries.

In 2010, Advertising Age magazine named Nando's as one of the world's top 30 hottest marketing brands.
As of July 2014, the Nando's restaurant group is ultimately owned by South African businessman Dick Enthoven and his family.

Enthoven's son, Robby Enthoven, was responsible for expanding the Nando's chain in the United Kingdom.

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Know your Onions ?

Know your Onions ?
The onion plant (Allium cepa) is unknown in the wild but has been grown and selectively bred in cultivation for at least 7,000 years.

The ancient Egyptians worshipped it
believing its spherical shape and concentric rings symbolized eternal life.
Onions were even used in Egyptian burials, as evidenced by onion traces being found in the eye sockets of Ramesses IV.

The Onion Futures Act passed in 1958, bans the trading of futures contracts on onions in the United States.
This prohibition came into force after farmers complained about alleged market manipulation by Sam Seigel and Vincent Kosuga at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange two years earlier.
The subsequent investigation provided economists with a unique case study into the effects of futures trading on agricultural prices. The act remains in effect as of 2013.

Great post +Lacerant Plainer thanks
#knowyouronions #onions

Originally shared by Lacerant Plainer

The Onion :  The onion (Allium cepa) is used as a vegetable and is the most widely cultivated species of the genus Allium. The humble Onion has been cultivated and modified by humans for over 5000 years.  Onions have been used for their medicinal properties and in food down the ages.

What makes you cry when cutting an Onion? : The component in an onion that makes your eyes water is called lachrymatory factor, from Latin lacrima, or “tear.” (How appropriate is that!) Lachrymatory factor irritates the eyes and stimulate the tear glands to produce tears, much like the action of a tear gas. Onions are rich in two health-benefiting compounds: flavonoids and sulfur-containing compounds. Flavonoids are potential antioxidants that could protect us against cancer, heart disease, and aging. They are often found at high concentrations in the skins and outer layers of onions with yellow or brown color (but some are masked by red or purple color).

Tear-free (GM) onions have been developed by Crop & Food Research (NZ) and in Japan : As a matter of fact, inhibiting lachrymatory-factor synthase would not only stop onions from making your eyes water, but would also increase the yield of thiosulfinate because all the sulfur compounds released from onions will be converted into thiosulfinate. So the onions lacking lachrymatory-factor synthase activity would be tear-free but retain that odor and flavor distinct to fresh onions.

How temperature affects potency : When temperatures drop, reactions take place more slowly because all the molecules have less energy. So, chilling onions in the fridge before chopping them reduces the amount of syn-propanethial-S-oxide that can be produced. Freezing the onions works even better, in fact it completely disables the enzyme, although it might make chopping a bit more challenging.

Common myths : Powering an Ipod with an onion, rubbing your hands with stainless steel reduces the smell of onions (This is a commonly held belief, but there is no scientific evidence to support it, though one can theorize why it may happen). Rub an onion on your foot and you can smell it 30 minutes later....This is definitely not true. Can onions reduce the smell of fresh paint (fumes)? .... there is some truth in this, though part of it is psychological.

Medicinal uses : Onions have been shown to improve cardiovascular health, blood sugar lowering abilities and blood thinning properties.

Smelly Chemicals (The organic Chemist's view) :

Wikipedia link : (link to main pic on left).
PBS link:

Additional reference:

A little bit of history :

Pic credit for pic on right:

#onion #science  

Coffee Time Two Sous per Dish, Sugar Included 1689 ( Photo )

Coffee Time Two Sous per Dish, Sugar Included 1689 ( Photo )
The discovery of coffee has enlarged the realm of illusion and given more promise to hope Isid Bourdon

Coffee keeps, so to say, the balance between bodily and spiritual nourishment Emile Souvestre (1806–1854)

An old Bourbon proverb "To an old man a cup of coffee is like the door post of an old house—it sustains and strengthens him."

"What first made coffee-houses suspicious to those in authority, however, is their true resource—the advantages they offer for meeting one's kind, for social converse and the contemplation of life.
Hence it must be that they have so happy a tact for locality.

They seek shade, pleasant corners, open squares, the prospect of water or wide landscapes.
In Constantinople they enjoy an infinite choice of site, so huge is the extent of that city, so broken by hill and sea, so varied in its spectacle of life.
The commonest type of city coffee-room looks out upon the passing world from under a grape-vine or a climbing wistaria.
Credit WILLIAM H. UKERS, M.A. 1922

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Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch

Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch
― Orson Welles

Originally shared by Jon “the chef” Hole

The Whole Duty of a Woman 1737 by William Kenrick

Dripping Pudding

"Make a good Batter as for Pancakes, put it in a hot Toss-pan over the Fire with a Bit of Butter to fry the Bottom a little, then put the Pan and Batter under a Shoulder of Mutton instead of a Dripping-pan, keeping frequently shaking it by the Handle and it will be light and savoury and fit to take up when your Mutton is enough; then turn it in a Dish, and serve it hot."

It will come as no surprise that historically batter is a common base for a wide range of food stuffs in the British kitchen.
Batter was boiled in a cloth to produce puddings, used to produce various fritter or made into pancakes.
It is this latter batter that is essentially the basis of the Yorkshire Pudding. Many early historical recipes produce products that are very similar to the Yorkshire Pudding

William Kenrick (c. 1725 – 10 June 1779) was an English novelist, playwright, translator and satirist, who spent much of his career libelling and lampooning his fellow writers. #Satire

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Rowan Jelly Flavour of

Rowan Jelly Flavour of
*Intensely woody Fruits of the forest sweetness
Bitter Orange marmalade earthy bitterness
Red currant sweetness Vodka wormwood like bitters
Plumy plum skin
Dark chocolate bitter*

and i think a dash of Angostura bitters that a be the mix more or less

Originally shared by Jon “the chef” Hole

Rowan Jelly "Rowan is the tree of power, causing life and magic to flower."
Common name Mountain Ash
Uses: The hard pale brown wood of the rowan was used to make bows in the middle ages, also used for tool handles, bowls and plates and for general woodcraft.
The berries were used to make rowan jelly which was eaten with meat and helped prevent gout.

Containing high concentrations of Vitamin C, the berries were also ingested to cure scurvy

A rowan wand or walking stick will protect you from being harmed on a journey and bring spiritual enlightenment along your path.

Scottish tradition did not allow for the use of Rowan wood for any other purpose than ritual.

Rowan Jelly
4 lb Rowan berries, washed and stalks removed
3 lb Crab apples, quartered
1 lb Sugar for each pint juice

Put all the fruit in a large preserving pan and barely cover with water. Bring to the boil, then simmer for 20 minutes or until the fruit is soft. Allow to drip through a jelly bag overnight

Measure the juice and weigh out the correct amount of sugar. Add the juice and sugar to the cleaned preserving pan, and simmer over a low heat for 10 minutes until the sugar has dissolved.

Increase the heat and cook at a full rolling boil for 5 minutes, then test for a set. 104 C
When the jelly has reached setting point, pot into hot, sterilized jars, seal and label.

Rowan Jelly, has a unique bitter/sweet flavor is traditionally served with game especially venison but it is a delicious accompaniment to any meats and poultry.Cold or hot

Warning Berries are poison when raw cooking destroys poison.

Rowan's name means "a secret" or "to whisper" and shares it's origin with rune.

"Rowan is not to be forgotten, set aside, or ignored.
She is the power within you to call forth your elegance and mastery of your logical mind as it intermingles with your intuitive powers.
She calls you into the path of future planning, use of symbology, and talismans to form order to your designs.

Let this time be the time you put your dreams into a sequence of architectural designs.
Perform an act of accomplishment for each step of your unfolding plan.

Use your act as a building block to bring your dreams to fruition. Trusting your intuition and logical intelligence will give you insights for more planning.
Let prophetic insights assist you."

The Faces of WomanSpirit
A Celtic Oracle of Avalon
by Katherine Torres, Ph.D.

Picture Jon Hole #Rowan

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Gozalo is Simple for ya man Le Mont Bennett

Gozalo is Simple for ya man Le Mont Bennett
▷Gil Scott Heron - We Almost Lost Detroit (Florian Rietze Tool)

▷Al Green - Simply Beautiful (Maribou State Edit)

▷John Gazoo - What Happened (Vocal)

▷Nebraska - Khan's Bargain (Original Mix)

▷Lumoon & Rob!n - La Papaye

▷Aussteiger - Bangbao

▷Johnwaynes - Ceyla

▷Freiboitar - Call The Cops

▷Martin Lewis - Now That We Found Love

▷Freiboitar, DJOKO - Next Mornin'

▷Maalem Mahmoud Guinia & Floating Points - Mimoun Marhaba (Herr Vogel Edit)

▷Tee Mango - Leave You

▷Sandrow M - Kuiper Belt Rose

▷Junior_C, John Evans - Coming Over (Gui Boratto Remix)

▷Kolombo & LouLou Players - Can You Handle It (Gui Boratto Remix)

▷Icarus - Home (Lane 8 Remix)

▷Michael Mayer, Kölsch - Dogma 1

On u #SoundCloud

The leaves and floures of Borrage put into wine make men and women glad and merry, driving away all sadnesse,...

The leaves and floures of Borrage put into wine make men and women glad and merry, driving away all sadnesse, dulnesse, and melancholy, as Dioscorides and Pliny affirme. Syrrup made of the floures of Borrage comforteth the heart, purgeth melancholy, and quieteth the phrenticke or lunaticke person

Originally shared by Jon “the chef” Hole

Borage Ego Barago Gaudia semper ago
( I Borage bring always Courage) ~Pliny Quote

He called it Euphrosinum
Because it maketh a man/woman merry and joyfull

Borage was called by the old herbalists
Originally from Aleppo,Syria

When steeped in water it imparts a coolness to it.
Compound with lemon and sugar in Wine
Making a refreshing and restorative summer drink.

Now to the good bit
Borage contains potassium and calcium combined with mineral acids.

The fresh juice affords 30%,the dried 3% of nitrate of potash
Owing to this when burnt it will emit sparks with a slight explosive sound !

To go with Azlin Bloor Pimms recipe @
I will have a No 2 please ;)

Back from a Sabbatical 101 from were a big part of the food thing on the G+ started for me
foodies+ ps still bugs me there is no capital F ;)

The term “sabbatical” dates back to the Biblical phrase “Sabbath year,” which refers to the practice of letting farmland lie fallow once every seven years so it can replenish and again bear fruit. Similarly, sabbaticals are meant to replenish your mental and creative reserves.

Update : It is also one of the key "Botanical" flavourings in Gilpin's Westmorland Extra Dry Gin is a five-times distilled London
Dry Gin handcrafted in small batches.

Infusing juniper, sage, and borage with three citrus peels,
coriander and angelica plus spring water naturally filtered
through ancient willow-peat – Gilpin's Gin has a
sophisticated, unique and extra dry taste.