Saturday, 29 December 2012

Jon Chef in the Kitchen featuring Mr Appo

Jon Chef in whites,Marc Sous in dark 2011

One of many Kitchens I host in.Not many words to day!
Live and direct from the kitchen last few days.

Xmas day Bird

Poor Mans Black Velvet ! Champagne on the way so used cider

Dinner Tonight

All washed down with "I listened to the Siren" Red Wine

While all that going on Mr Appo been cooking in his Kitchen cant stop playing this

Me in da hood :)

Sorry could not get this in the mix next time around

"All my music is at home with good old jerk chicken, rice and peas. With a mojito or rum punch on the side,

Oh and plenty of 'greens' ;-) "

Peace and love.

  By Jon Chef

Friday, 28 December 2012

A Winter Menu

My Favorite Cast Iron pan 


Celeriac and almond soup
Garlic mushrooms with hot onion and juniper bread
Farm dry cured ham with fennel and orange salad

Main coarse

Aberdeen Angus beef stew with blackberry dumplings
Roast Shetland lamb with apple and mint jelly
Smoked fish kedgeree with mango chutney
Spinach and walnut pasty with tahina sauce


Rich bread and butter pudding with sweet spices
Autumn fruit salad with thyme and ginger
Mendip cheese and celery with water biscuits

Getting ready

Thursday, 27 December 2012

What happened to the Deer skin !

Xmas Day the Lounge

A  Djembe drum made by my brother Bob Xmas day.The body is a Spanish cactus


Get that skin tight


Now has to dry and tighten.To the Kitchen to make something with the  Venison meat

By Jon Chef

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Good day to all !!! Thanks to Thierry Delabre :)

Good day to all !!! Thanks to Thierry Delabre :)
#21centurydigitalfood   #christmas2012   #foodporn  

Originally shared by Thierry Delabre

for the #gif  lovers. 
Cheers ! santé !

Monday, 17 December 2012

What Happened to My Sago Pudding Foodies+

Foodies+Sago,Orange and Cardamon Pudding

1 Litre Goats Milk (Personal choice)
90 grams Sago
1 Orange Zest
1 Lemon Zest
5- 10 pods Cardamon seeds ground
2 table spoons Honey
1-2 table spoons Eau de fleurs ( Orange Flower water)
Scottish Raspberry preserve
Candied Angelica ( My own picked from Craigievar  castle and candied)

1.Heavy sauce pan,place all ingredients in apart from Raspberry jam and Angelica
2. Slowly bring to simmer gently gently stir all the time with wooden spoon
20 min or so test the sago seeds
3.Melt the raspberry preserve (May be a splash  of Framboise (Spirit) :)
4.Place 2 spoons in your serving bowls or glass
4. Let Sago cool down place bowl garnish with candied Angelica
Sago pudding
Candied Angelica and Cardamon Pods

For all my new found friends at "foodies+ at the corner bistro for those who love food !"
Come see assorts of delights and me if ya lucky at The corner Bistro for those who Love food

After all that food some mellow cool Original music by Galina  Relax

By  Jon Chef

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's Scrambled Eggs, Anchovy and Fresh Tarragon

Scrambled Eggs , Anchovy and fresh Tarragon


I am sure all you Gastronauts out there can do ! Dont overcook the eggs.Salted Anchovy,s lots of Fresh black pepper and real butter.Finish off with the Queen of herbs Tarragon.

What it needs is a bloody Mary, A big little prize who gets to me a recipe for a bloody mary to go go ?

And i like slow a breakfast

By Jon Chef