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The Man from U.N.K.L.E. (Pádraig Ó Raghaill) on point.

The Man from U.N.K.L.E. (Pádraig Ó Raghaill) on point.
Napoleon Solo: [calling on the intercom] Illya, we have a situation here that needs your special talents. Are you free?
Illya Kuryakin: [from intercom] No man is free who works for a living.
But, I'm available.

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Evil Bear? Maybe it should be Evil Hegemony Unkle Sam

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As the Roman Empire grew, it started having issues with servicing the Empire. A fractured economy, local trade suffered, and they constantly needed to expand in search of more resources thus as they grew so did their need for yet more resources. Another issue they had was securing enough silver to make their coins. Over time, the percentage of silver used decreased. In reality, their value declined, the losers were often the poor, a transference of wealth to the ‘elite.’ Running out of resources they inflicted even harsher taxation, they tried new trade agreements. However, their currency was basically, worthless and this dissolved much of their trade. Eventually, the Empire split into separate states and thus the Barbarians came, they saw, they plundered.

Sound familiar to today?

Now, of course, we also know that the European economy has also gone to shit in a handbag. The GFC, that wonderful credit bubble of bank-busting, economy debilitating, crap stain, that continued to leave skid marks, that could only ‘fixed’ with ‘austerity politics.’ The same austerity measures and ‘bailouts,’ that have continued to bankrupt countries. Instead of letting the banks go bust and with them some of the same bond holders, that caused the fuckery in the first place. String pullers thought stuff that, let the people pay for our mistakes. Now we have a humanitarian crisis on our doorstep, dictators that just ‘had to go, “we came, we saw’ he died (laughing),” reduced to words of “skittles.”

So here we are in 2016 with a whole new level of financial fuckery on the horizon. America is living in one big bubble, while bleeding their economy dry, with never ending hegemony pursuits.
American Hypocrisy
Delivering democracy to your shore

Before we look at Russia in the continued outdated lens of the Evil Bear, we first should draw a contextual box around America. While America can have an Oligarchy and a twisted version of Nationalistic Fascism, for its political foundations. Russia must be viewed as the ‘Evil Bear.’ Even though America has more children in poverty than any other developed nation and even though, it has more people in gaol than any other country; it is somehow the world standard of a progressive country. Despite the fact, it has bombed 21 countries and the last decade has managed to destabilise much of the world.

Compiled from the book “Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions since World War II”

Iran (1953)
Thailand (1957)
Laos (1958-60)
the Congo (1960)
Turkey (1960, 1971 & 1980)
Ecuador (1961 & 1963)
South Vietnam (1963
Brazil (1964)
the Dominican Republic (1963)
Argentina (1963)
Honduras (1963 & 2009)
Iraq (1963 & 2003)
Bolivia (1964, 1971 & 1980)
Indonesia (1965)
Ghana (1966)
Greece (1967)
Panama (1968 & 1989)
Cambodia (1970)
Chile (1973)
Bangladesh (1975)
Pakistan (1977)
Grenada (1983)
Mauritania (1984)
Guinea (1984)
Burkina Faso (1987)
Paraguay (1989)
Haiti (1991 & 2004)
Russia (1993)
Uganda (1996)
Libya (2011)

The way America speaks about Russia, you would think that is a list of countries they bombed or destabilised, toppling leaders and bringing their version of democracy to their shores. It is not even an inclusive list; it is only the list that can be proven. Over 4 million civilians dead so far in the Middle East by the wars of America – Supporting war against ethnic minorities in the Ukraine – Now aiding the bombing of Yemen along with the UK – Trying to bully China 6000 miles away from their land with Obamas ‘Pivot to Asia.’ Continues to finance and arm Islamic extremist groups in Syria, which in turn, are terrorising our countries.

I have peppered this article with a great number of pieces specific to Syria. There is not a voice here and there that are saying mainstream media are painting an incorrect and biased image of the war; it is a growing army of voices. These views include doctors, journalists, everyday Syrian people, analysts, people that have been to Syria just to understand the conflict better even the UN-backed, World Peace Council. With America trying to escalate the tensions with Russia for fighting terrorism in Syria, the only invited country in the conflict. America and allies are yet again, attacking a sovereign state, in breach of International law. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and now Syria, how many more countries need to be destroyed for no more than arms sales, gas, oil, and pipelines

Since the War on Terror began we can roughly say over 2 million civilians have died. If we venture back to the first conflicts in the 90’s that blows out to over 4 million people. That is the conservative figure, 6-8 million is likely closer to the truth, however, too difficult to prove. While I have met a good number of American people that share my despise for the American war machine, I have encountered too many that do not. What is even more depressing is the ownership of egotism. A wholehearted belief in the ‘American Way.’ Would you not think that, at this stage, some ownership would be progressive, in relation to, the understanding that the American Foreign Policy, is morally bankrupt.

There are over 1400 U.S bases around the world; it is the key factor in how the U.S Empire, gains more territory. Apart from bases, there are also the Embassies, unlike the everyday embassy these are also leverage points, a virtual sales office for economic globalisation. TTIP, TPP, and the backdoor to same the CETA trade agreements not only circumvent local policy, bankrupt local business, they also help fracture entire local economies.

The war in Syria has stretched for five long years, and who knows, if the U.S and Allies had not continually refreshed Jihadists, sorry, ‘Moderate Rebels,’ it would possibly have been over many moons ago. The hypocrisy of the US war machine knows no bounds. While Yemen is bombed into the ground, by US and UK hardware. Russia is branded the worst kind of terror, with trying to bring an end to terrorism in Syria by Jihadists, sorry, ‘Moderate Rebels.’

Of course, we know Russia has a MIMIC (Military Industrial Media- Academic Complex) “Propaganda Machin,” but so too, America. We could also say it stretches to all mainstream media outlets, worldwide. Not only that, but it is also pushing the boundaries of Russia’s patience with excessive Sabre rattling. While I do not want to rehash the Crimean fiasco, it was instigated by America giving Russia no choice after playing politics in the Ukraine. > Read more >>>

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