Friday, 7 September 2012

Wild Mushroom picking season

Wild Chanterell Mushroom
Wild Chanterell Mushroom

 Chanterell season is hear! Wet weather has bought them on early so deep in the woods picking.Chanterelles are rich in flavour,with a distinctive taste and aroma which is earthy with a hint of apricot.
The summer chanterelle is perhaps te most sought after and many chefs and foodies will place it on same short list of gourmet fungi as truffles and morels it therefore tends command a high price picking your own is definitely a good idea.

The best way of cooking Chanterelles is th way you prefer but is worth knowing that most of the flavor compounds are soluble in fat,making them good to saute in butter,oil or cream.They also contain smaller amounts of water-and alcohol -soluble flavourings whicch lend them well to recipes involving wine or other alcohols,hence the classic vodka flavoured with Chanterelles. Guess what breakfast is !! Diced smoked bacon,sauted Chanterells
                                                                        By Jon Chef

Update : Succesfull foraging 3.5 Kg picked 
If anyone want some live and direct from the Highlands of Scotland 

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