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Aromatics for Food and Music Spice,: Saffron

Saffron flower

"As the saffron tints and crimson flushes of morn herald the coming day,

so the social and political advancement which women has already gained

bears the promise of the rising of the full-orbed sun of emancipation.

The result will be not to make home less happy but society more holy"

                 Frances Ellen Watkins Harper,U.S rights advocate 1893

Saffron flower pickers Kashmir

What is Spice:

The name spice is derived from the word species. which was applied to groups of exotic foodstuffs in the Middle Ages.The need to supply European markets spurred explorations, culminating in the extraordinary voyages that resulted in the discovery of the New World and demonstrated that the globe could be circumnavigated by sea. The fabled Spice Islands of Indonesia became the site of horrendous colonial practices by competing European powers. The desire to control spice sources took the British to India, the Portuguese to Brazil, the Spanish to Central and South America and to the Philippines, the French to Africa, and the Dutch to Indonesia. However, each country feuded with others to establish a monopolistic control over the spice-growing regions and the major trade routes.
 Indeed, the term spice could include chocolate, coffee, kola nuts, tea, wine and olive oil, since these mouthwatering delicacies are generally imported from tropical or sunny countries into the more temperate countries of northern Europe and North America to give a zestful taste to food products and beverages.

Interestingly Iran grows 97.3% global mass of Saffron.How do the USA have much Saffron to cook with due too import/export ban with Iran ????? 

Saffron, Zaafaran,Azafrán, केसर, ज़ाफ़रान.

Saffron crocus
I love too cook the classic  bouillabaisse (Fish soup/stew)
essential ingredient being saffron.After picking fresh Chanterells which are a saffron color i made the other day
Chicken,chanterell and Saffron Galina which can be found 

Iranian Pure Saffron
Saffron is rather unique among spices in that its main aroma and colour components are water-soluble; therefore, the stigmata may be soaked overnight in water, filtered and the water then added,. Another method is preferred in Persia and India: The spice is powdered and then extracted with a little milk; after half an hour, the milk has the deep colour of egg yolk and is added to biriyanis or sweets. Using the dry spice  directly for cooking is not favourable, as it releases its fragrance too slowly, and prolonged cooking should be avoided for loss of aroma. Thus, it is best to prepare an extract with cold liquid and add that extract to the hot foods.


                     To finish a Saffron sunset,  

By Jon Chef                                                                                

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  1. Interesting post. Saffron is so expensive that I've only ever used it a couple of times, and now I find out I was using it wrong! I didn't even realize it had an aroma.