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D.O.M. "Deo Optimo Maximo" ("To God, most good, most great")

D.O.M. "Deo Optimo Maximo" ("To God, most good, most great")
Just a few of the Ingredients in Azlin Bloor
Summer Sling shot around the head ;)

D.O.M Bénédictine Is a herbal liqueur beverage developed by Alexandre Le Grand in the 19th century and produced in France.

D.O.M.This abbreviation is commonly used at the beginning of documents of the Benedictine Order as a short dedication of the work.

Burnley Miners' Club in Lancashire, United Kingdom is the world's biggest single consumer of Bénédictine liqueur, after Lancashire regiments acquired a taste for it during the First World War.
Burnley Football Club also sells Bénédictine on match days, making them the only English club to do this.

Cocktails using Bénédictine include the Frisco,
Singapore Sling,
Vieux Carré,
Cornell Special,and Monte Carlo.

To name just a few more ingredients in the Sumer special
Grenadine Syrup
Angostura Bitters
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Singapore Sling Shots

I have no idea which Collection to put this in! Since it's made using Singapore Sling, I've gone for the South East Asian Collection. Is it a dessert? Or is it an amuse-bouche?

Technically, these guys should be called Singapore Sling Jelly or Jell-O Shots but I think Singapore Sling Shots has a better ring to it, don’t you?

Just like regular jelly shots, alcoholic ones are fairly easy to master, a case of making up your desired cocktail, mixing it with some gelatine, vegetarian alternative or some warmed up ready made jelly.

There is no end to what you can create; all you need to figure out is the gelatine to liquid ratio (always given at the back of the packet) and make up your cocktail accordingly. And dissolving the gelatine is so easily done in the microwave, simplifying the whole process.

Recipe and tutorial:

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