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Chop logic Argue in a tiresomely pedantic way; quibble.

Chop logic Argue in a tiresomely pedantic way; quibble.
Mid 16th century: from a dialect use of chop meaning 'bandy words'
What do you use for Chopping / Cutting ?
#Chop #chop ;)

Originally shared by Jon “the chef” Hole

My work station Beech hand made chopping board.
Global knife(Twenty + years old) and a Shun cooks knife.
My most worked ones out of a few

"Food hygienists do not recommend the use of wood boards as it is traditionally thought that the porous nature of wood harbours bacteria which can potentially contaminate food."
They instead recommend plastic boards for all food preparation.

However, many refute this claim.( and Me)
It is believed that the fibres in the wood, particularly in end grain, self heal therefore reducing the gouges in the wood for bacteria to enter.

It is also believed that wood has antimicrobial properties and enzymes that make for an inhospitable environment for bacteria to grow.

This belief was supported by research carried out by Cliver and Kaspari (1994) (The antimicrobial properties of wood) published in the Journal of Food Protection and supported by the World Health Organisation.
Plastic and wood boards were inoculated with e.coli (including 0157),salmonella and liseteria.

Wood was found to have 98-99% less bacteria following this than plastic.

Aside from the knife protecting properties and hygiene benefits of wood boards, they really can be a beautiful addition to a domestic kitchen, especially end grain.
If cared for correctly will last a lifetime and probably beyond to pass down the generations.

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