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Wok time

Wok time
The wok can be used in a large number of cooking methods.
Before the introduction of western cookware it was often used for all cooking techniques including:
Boiling: For boiling water, soups, dumplings, or rice. 

Braising: Braised dishes are commonly made using woks.
Deep frying: This is usually accomplished with larger woks to reduce splashing, but for deep frying of less food or small food items, small woks are also used.

Pan frying: Food that is fried using a small amount of oil in the bottom of a pan

Roasting: Food may be cooked with dry heat in an enclosed pan with lid.
Whole chestnuts are dry roasted by tossing them in a dry wok with several pounds of small stones.

Searing: Food is browned on its outer surfaces through the application of high heat

Smoking: Food can be hot smoked by putting the smoking material in the bottom of the wok while food is placed on a rack above.

Steaming: Done using a dedicated wok for boiling water in combination with steaming baskets

Stewing: Woks are sometimes used for stewing though it is more common in Chinese cuisine to use either stoneware or porcelain for such purposes, especially when longer stewing times are required. Small woks are for hot pot, particularly in Hainan cuisine. These are served at the table over a  flame.

Stir frying: Frying food quickly in a small amount of oil over high heat while stirring continuously.

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Wok 鑊 cooking with Prawns 

A round bottom wok enables the traditional round spatula or ladle to pick all the food up at the bottom of the wok and toss it around easily; this is difficult with a flat bottom.
With a gas hob, or traditional pit stove, the bottom of a round wok can get hotter than a flat wok and so is better for stir frying.

Cast-iron woks form a more stable carbonized layer of seasoning which makes it less prone to food sticking on the pan.
While cast-iron woks are superior to carbon steel woks in heat retention and uniform heat distribution, 

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