Saturday, 29 December 2012

Jon Chef in the Kitchen featuring Mr Appo

Jon Chef in whites,Marc Sous in dark 2011

One of many Kitchens I host in.Not many words to day!
Live and direct from the kitchen last few days.

Xmas day Bird

Poor Mans Black Velvet ! Champagne on the way so used cider

Dinner Tonight

All washed down with "I listened to the Siren" Red Wine

While all that going on Mr Appo been cooking in his Kitchen cant stop playing this

Me in da hood :)

Sorry could not get this in the mix next time around

"All my music is at home with good old jerk chicken, rice and peas. With a mojito or rum punch on the side,

Oh and plenty of 'greens' ;-) "

Peace and love.

  By Jon Chef

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