Monday, 7 January 2013

Rowan Jelly

Rowan Tree.

"Rowan is the tree of power, causing life and magic to flower."

Common name Mountain Ash

USES: The hard pale brown wood of the rowan was used to make bows in the middle ages, also used for tool handles, bowls and plates and for general woodcraft.  The berries were used to make rowan jelly which was eaten with meat and helped prevent gout. Containing high concentrations of Vitamin C, the berries were also ingested to cure scurvy 

A rowan wand or walking stick will protect you from being harmed on a journey and bring spiritual enlightenment along your path. Scottish tradition did not allow for the use of Rowan wood for any other purpose than ritual.

Rowan Tree and Berries

Warning Berries are poison when raw cooking destroys poison.

Rowan Jelly

4 lb Rowan berries, washed and stalks removed
3 lb Crab apples, quartered
1 lb Sugar for each pint juice
Put all the fruit in a large preserving pan and barely cover with water. Bring to the boil, then simmer for 20 minutes or until the fruit is soft. Allow to drip through a jelly bag overnight
Measure the juice and weigh out the correct amount of sugar. Add the juice and sugar to the cleaned preserving pan, and simmer over a low heat for 10 minutes until the sugar has dissolved.
Increase the heat and cook at a full rolling boil for 5 minutes, then test for a set. 104 C 
When the jelly has reached setting point, pot into hot, sterilized jars, seal and label.

Rowan Jelly, has a unique bitter/sweet flavor  is traditionally served with game especially venison but it is a delicious accompaniment to any meats and poultry.Cold or hot 

While you are eating thin slivers of venison

and Rowan jelly.

A wee dram of Whisky

I would love to get a bottle of this whisky

Rowan jelly and menthol cigarettes whisky

There is none left to my knowledge ! 

Whispering woods - tales of the Caledonian Forest written by Alan Crawford

By Jon Chef

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