Sunday, 6 November 2016

Studio 54 circa 1977 just in time to jump on a white horse with Bianca Jagger;

Studio 54 circa 1977 just in time to jump on a white horse with Bianca Jagger;
or instead to wind the clock back to early September 2016 and visit a field close to our hearts.

Luckily for us, the wonderful Greg Wilson has taken the sting out of the decision by having had the foresight to record his FM16 Sunday afternoon set, so we can all relive that magic moment again right now. And worry about the white horse for another day.

Greg Wilson is a man who needs little introduction.
After 40 years of DJing, his musical knowledge and ability to read a dancefloor is quasi-cosmic

After witnessing the mobile discos playing at wedding parties in his family run pub, he purchased his first pair of decks aged 15.

He was an early champion of funk, soul and disco and was famed for playing the latest imports at Wigan Pier and Manchester's Legend.

His hunger for cutting-edge sounds led to him being credited as one of the key DJs breaking NYC's electro-funk and post-disco on this side of the pond.

And an early-adopter of turntable mixing, by 1983 he had a residency at the infamous Hacienda, AKA the spot where the breakdancing crew he later went on to manage, Broken Glass, appeared on legendary TV show The Tube during the UKs first televised performance of Madonna.

He's now widely hailed as the king of the re-edit, taking firm favourites and transforming them into hypnotic disco versions.

We've regularly found ourselves lost in Greg's festival sets and at last, our dream to have Greg join us at FM came true this year.

He set up his Revox Reel-to-Reel on our outdoor stage on the Sunday afternoon.
As he worked his magic, the dancing only paused briefly, as in impromptu 250 strong FM fam photo was taken, before his spell-binding set finished with everyone singing along to Bowie's Space Oddity.

A truly magical moment. Greg Wilson, hail Eris, we salute you!
On u #SoundCloud

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