Sunday, 17 April 2016

Sunday Break the Fast Avocado Market.

Sunday Break the Fast Avocado Market.
Western European markets mostly prefer ready-to-eat Hass avocados, while Eastern European, Greek and Italian customers still often go for green skin avocados, such as the Fuerte and Pinkerton.

The popularity of Hass avocados is expected to grow. The biggest challenge in the coming years will lie in the sourcing.
Three years ago, not a single avocado was imported by China and now the country receives thirty containers per week. Importers are preparing for a worldwide shortage of avocados in the coming years.

The Chilean season came to an end in February with good volumes.
Afterwards, in March and April, there is always a gap in the market, which is normally filled by Spain and Israel with high price; however, productions in these countries have been limited due to the heat wave recorded in May last year.

Last month marked the arrival of the first South African avocados. South African avocados were hit by hail and the supply would have been been 25% lower, but new plantings have made up the deficit to bring estimates to around the same as last year.
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