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Plants come in three sexes: "male," "female," and "hermaphrodite."
The male produces only pollen, never fruit. The female will produce small, inedible fruits unless pollinated.
The hermaphrodite can self-pollinate since its flowers contain both male stamens and female ovaries. 

Papayas can be used as a food, a cooking aid and in traditional medicine.
The stem and bark may be used in rope production.

The black seeds of the papaya are edible and have a sharp, spicy taste. They are sometimes ground and used as a substitute for black pepper.

Super recipe from Soma Saha Ray 

Originally shared by Soma Saharay

Raw Papaya n Potato Curry is a mildly spiced regular curry made at Bengali homes....we call it Aloo...Peper Dalna....a humble and simple curry made with mild spices...tomato and shreeded coconut is addedto enhance the taste....made flavourful with addition of Bengali garam masala and ghee....goes very well with chapatis and steamed rice.

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