Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Coffee time anyone?

Coffee time anyone?

Originally shared by Jon “the chef” Hole

Coffee Jelly is a popular jelly dessert in Japan. It is a mix of an agar jelly with sweetened coffee, and was developed in the Taishō period (1912–1926).

It is often cut into cubes and served in a variety of dessert dishes and beverages.
Cubes of coffee jelly are sometimes added to milkshakes, at the bottom of an ice cream float, or to garnish an ice cream sundae.
Coffee jelly is often added to a cup of hot or iced coffee, with cream and gum syrup added. Condensed milk is poured over cubes of chilled coffee jelly in a bowl.

Coffee jelly can be made using instant mix or from scratch. It is served in restaurants and cafés, and is sometimes a part of students' lunches served at public schools in Japan.


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