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“A recipe has no soul, you as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.” Thomas Keller

“A recipe has no soul, you as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.” Thomas Keller
Great roundup by Indrani Sen

Originally shared by Indrani Sen

Foodies+ Weekly Round-Up

We had a lot of posts which not only included delicious recipes but also explored travel ,food and culinary cultures around the world.
So lets summarize and cherish the posts by our wonderful members last week:-

Irish Salmon With Cider And Cream Sauce

Paul Binns cooks up a delicious salmon recipe with love for his parents.The recipe is inspired from an Irish cookbook.

Guess the food/kitchen tool ???

Jon Hole sets up a guessing game for our Foodies+ members for finding out the name of the tool from a picture posted.After a brainstorming session in the comments section it was revealed to be an antique Stone cheese press.

What Do You Grow to Eat?

An intriguing post by Azlin Bloor probing the members to share the details of the plants they want to grow in their kitchen garden during the Summer season.She shares her precious knowledge about the wonderful varieties of Peruvian chilies and tomatillos which she grows in her own grden space.

Strawberry Jam (Homemade)

+Sangita Agrawal ,our new member shared a useful versatile recipe to prepare strawberry jam at home from scratch

Lemon Drizzle Cake

@A Tall Order shared the recipe of a pretty fluffy lemon cake wich looks moist and perfect to be served with a lovely cup of tea just by itself or dressed with Lemon curd.

Vegetable Sizzler with Fragrant Rice

Sangita shares a vegetable sizzler recipe with yummy assortment of various vegetables along with the spices in Chinese style.The sound of smoky and sizzling flavors is mouth watering.

Snow-Shoeing In The Susa Valley, Italy

Lisa Watson takes the Foodies+ members for a virtual tour to Susa Valley in Italy snowshoeing.With her creative style of writing she painted a beautiful picture of the enchanting mountains and the semi-abandoned village called Mallefossa Bassa where our heart craves to chat with that red squirrel while trekking through the snow covered valley.

Sea aster--A unique sea vegetable

rick van elswijk shares the know how about an interesting sea vegetable called Sea aster and a recipe to prepare a delicious dish with monkfish.

Street Vendors, Vietnam

The super mom and talented chef Azlin Bloor shares a wonderful capture of a street vendor from Vietnam and writes about the varieties of mouthwatering dishes they sell in their own unique innovative ways.The post gives us an insight into street vending which is an indispensible part of the city life in Vietnam and Vietnamese Food Culture.

White Chocolate & Citrus Truffles

Nothing more pretty and yum than a batch of white chocolate truffles with the refreshing flavor of lemon ,a mouth watering recipe shared by +A Tall Order

Crispy Batter Fried Banana Snack

A popular snacks in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Brunei ,Philippines and even in South India prepared by deep frying plantains in a crispy coating ,crispy outside and soft sweet and refreshing inside is shared by our talented member Shana Shameer

Wild Mushrooms Quinoa
+FrenchTouch shared a unique and healthy recipe with amalgamation of flavors from wild mushroom and nutritional benefits of quinoa.

Sweet tamarind

Inspired by the recent post about the Vietnamese street vendors by Azlin Bloor ,Randy Resnick recollects an old memory and shared a beautiful capture of a lady selling sweet tamarind on the streets of bangkok from his archives.

Kale salad

Sandra Rerecic shares a quick salad recipe with the versatile and healthy Kale .

Chocolate Frenzy On Foodies+

Lisa Watson declares a new chocolate event for the month of April for Foodies+ members.All the members are requested to share decadent delicious creative recipes with chocolate as an ingredient.

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