Tuesday, 17 January 2017

"The media has cannibalized the minds of millions"

"The media has cannibalized the minds of millions"
drawing their mental attention toward the issues that are bounced around in these information echo chambers and siphoning it away from the deep systemic threats humanity is now confronted with

*The Algonquin Tribe of North America has a name for this phenomenon *
they call it Wetiko
It is a mind virus that endlessly consumes the life energies of people (in this case, the emotional energy given to feed this media monster) while neglecting the life-supports that would heal and protect the living things of this world

Instead of giving our attention to the “life needs” of people in our communities and the environments on which we depend, too many among us are feeding the frenzy of distrust by propagating internet memes about “post truth” and “fake news” 
when the real news story is that all of this is smoke and mirrors
Rome is burning as the news casters are covering their own reality shows

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