Friday, 7 September 2012

Food for music Chanterelle Chicken Galina

Food for music


To the Kitchen:

Have been deep in the forests of here in North Scotland and came across Flute shaped beauties with a saffron glow known as the " Queen of the Forest" Chanterelle mushrooms.See my page  here for more information on Chanterelle wild mushrooms

Recipe:           Chanterell Chicken Galina

Chicken breast(Cut into strips)
Chanterelle mushrooms
Double Cream
Saffron  (Soak in a little hot water)
Sea salt
Fresh Ground black pepper
White wine Splash ;)
  1. Saute (Fry) chicken till golden brown add chopped onion,sliced chanterell mushrooms
  2. Add white wine,saffron liquor and cream and a little chicken stock
  3. Salt and pepper,cook until not too thick
  4. Serve with what ever you like for me rice and some fresh green vegetables
Omit chicken for vegetarian.         Bon Appetit !!!!

Dessert coming soon            

By Jon Chef

Some great original music from sound clouder Galina

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